The Washington University Nutrition Obesity Research Center (NORC) supports basic science and clinical investigation that involve the regulation of nutrient metabolism and function in health and disease.

Washington University NORC activities enhance our understanding of the basic and clinical aspects of nutrition in the prevention, etiology, pathophysiology, and therapy of nutrition-related diseases. Since its inception in 1999, the NORC has served as a nucleus for the growth and development of nutrition research at Washington University. The NORC is focused around three major interactive Program Themes:
• Nutrient Metabolism in Health and Disease
• Obesity and its Complications
• Growth, Development, and Aging

NORC research infrastructure supports and stimulates cost-effective and high-quality research, collaborations between investigators, community outreach, career development and training, and clinical activities in nutrition and obesity as follows:

Administrative Core Current NORC Members

Pilot and Feasibility Program stimulates and supports young investigators in either basic or patient-oriented nutrition research. This program also provides support for established investigators who are working in other fields but are interested in exploring new directions in nutrition-related research.

Research and Analysis Cores provide outstanding technical services and assist investigators in areas of research including isotope tracers, mathematical modeling, rodent models, and mass spectrometry. The four NORC research cores are as follows:

Adipocyte Biology and Molecular Nutrition

Animal Model Research

Biomolecular Analysis

Clinical Science Research


In addition to our primary cores, the NORC is affiliated with two related initiatives:

Community Wellness Program

Nutrition and Development Initiative

To access NORC services you need to be both a Washington University investigator AND
a member of the NORC. Once a member, any grant/project for which you wish to request services will need to be registered and approved prior to requesting services.

current NORC members to join NORC register project/grant update project/grant request NORC services

Nutrition Related Research Opportunities

Lectures and Symposia

Please acknowledge the Washington University NORC, Nutrition Obesity Research Center, (formerly CNRU) in your publications by: "Supported by Grant Number P30DK056341 NORC".

Contact information:
Phone: (314) 362-8708
Fax: (314) 362-8109